A special thank you to all 16,000 of you who have signed our petition. It has been heart-warming to experience such an overwhelming show of support from across Australia and around the world including many Colombians who are outraged by this blatant injustice. What has been surprising, shocking and somewhat consoling, is I am not alone in my quest for justice. We have been contacted by a large number of parents and families in similar circumstances to me and my family. It is heartbreaking to think the Hague Convention is being ignored by many countries.


It is with enormous gratitude I would like to thank Alysia Thomas-Sam and Tineka Everaardt from A Current Affair, Tessa Akerman from The Australian and also The Daily Mail for sharing my story to help bolster support and signatures on my petition.

If you missed the stories please watch and share from:

  • A Current Affair – Kidnapped – Producer: Alysia Thomas-Sam Reporter: Tineka Everaardt
  • The Australian – Father in battle to bring kids home from Colombia by Tessa Akerman
  • The Daily Mail – Heartbroken Aussie father’s Colombian family holiday turns into a nightmare when his wife leaves him, ‘takes the kids’ and refuses to return from overseas – and he hasn’t seen them since.

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My heartfelt thanks to you all.